Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi, I'm Joshua Liam Olivier.

Joshua - Gender: Male

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: The Hebrew name Joshua means - God is my salvation. Bible: led the Israelites into the Promised Land

This is Joshua,he was born on the 9th of February 2010. Apparently every Mom thinks so,and I'm not trying to be nasty,but I am pretty sure my baby is the MOST beautiful baby in the world!! I could just sit and look at him all day! Riordon and I have studied him from head to toe.

Have you ever looked at a babies' toes? No....REALLY looked? We first said we would make a cast of his small toe and his thumb and have a keyring made, but then we saw his elbow,and his nose,and his lips, and his you get the picture? So then we said we would just have a sillicon replica made of him. But that would be a little weird. And then,have you ever heard a baby cough, or sneeze? Or seen them yawn? OH MY WORD,SOOOO adorable!

It's true what they say,you never know this kind of love until you have your own child. It's the most amazing feeling. Wow!! And How, after such a miracle are there people in this world that could look into those eyes and still doubt Gods' exsistance?

He wakes up once during the night to be fed,and I don't mind at all. I also don't like to wake Riordon up because he has to work and I dont, but there are some nights when I cant help it and have to wake him up to burp or change Josh,I have had a couple of laughs,because when Riordon sleeps,he Sleeps! One night,about an hour after we had all settled down and gone back to sleep Riordon realised that I had asked him to burp Josh and I was woken up with him rubbing my back in circular motions and then patting it. And when I told him I didn't need burping he politly said "okay" and turned around and went back to sleep.

Joshua is going to be just like his Dad at the age of 7 weeks I can already only begin to imagine what is going through that little mind of his. He is so fascinated by everything,he is so awake and alert. We are going to have so much fun!

So,when do we start planning number 2? Hehe

Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't trust Home Pregnancy Tests!

Okay,I'm going to try this blogging thing. I would have like to have started 8 Months ago,but now that I will be going on Maternity leave soon and will have a little more time for myself I think I will see if I have the time and energy... 

Exactly 29 weeks ago today, I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. By that time I had done 3 home pregnancy tests and all were negative. But I wasn't convinced (Probably more hoped they were wrong) so I went to the doctor. 

We were on our way to go visiting,so I asked my husband to pack the car and meet me at the doctor before we left. Unfortunatly he took too long packing and wasn't there with me when I found out, and then made me wait outside for what felt like an hour on my own not being able to share my news with anyone until he knew!! Anyway when the doctor came in and said you are pregnant my mind went crazy,he said a few more things, but I did not hear a word! I don't even think I said Good - Bye when I left. My thoughts were racing. 

I paced up and down the drive way at the doctors waiting for my husband and checked the test another 100 times, just to make sure I heard him properly. Cried a little, and laughed at myself. Then Finally He arrived. I got into the car and just passed him the test and burst out crying. He was very happy and laughed and asked why on earth I was crying. (all the crying was because I was happy by the way) . We spread the news very quickly and told everyone we wanted to. Now for the next 8 months!!